S3 Seal of Quality

S3 Seal of Quality

It must be the perfectionism in me that comes out to even think of something like this.  The S3 Branded Seal of Quality Program is something I have dreamed about, thought about and considered for a long time.  I must admit  that I am NOT a perfectionist, however, I did grow up in a household that was ran by one…that is my mom.  This is NOT a criticism to or her or the way that she was (and still is, even though she has mellowed out).  I would like to think of it as a thank you Mom!  It has served me well and I can see it in my siblings as well.  I think that is a good thing.  Those are the roots of this program.  I deeply believe that quality MUST go in BEFORE the seal can go on.

Let me get to the 3 S’s. Each one of them IS important.  Each on has an equal part in being fulfilled before I will consider putting this logo on a product, on a service or on a business.

Solutions: An underlying characteristic must be that the product, service or business provides a valuable solution to real problems.

Service: Another characteristic must be that it provides a valued and needed service.

Satisfaction: This one is difficult.  It means that you have to deal with dishonest people who take advantage of offers and businesses that offer satisfaction to ALL of its clients.  It is also and easy one.  It means that the company who provides the service or product stands behind what it offers.

One important part of the program is that each product, each service provided, and each company that earns the right to bear the seal MUST qualify for it and each one has a number that represents the process of qualification.  You can steal the seal, but you can’t invent a valid number, WE DO THAT.  That is part of of what SAbER Mountain stands for.  We are proud to offer products and services, and stand behind companies who can wear The S3 Seal.