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SAbER Mountain Publishing is changing the way hybrid book publishing is doing business – especially from the author’s viewpoint. The SAbER Integrated Publishing Platform (SIPP ) helps authors build an author platform. SAbER Mountain Publishing gives readers a selection of books, audios, and Internet TV to edutain and edify.

SAbER Mountain Publishing

iSAbER TV is a private Internet TV network for subscribers to view edutainment programs. It is also part of the SAbER Integrated Publishing Platform (SIPP ) that helps authors build their platform. iSAbER TV gives its viewers programs that are unique and NOT available on any regular TV channels.


SAbER Mountain Distribution has its own eCommerce store that enhances the author’s platform by taking care of the hassles of credit card transactions and fulfillment. Info-Integrity is part of the SAbER Integrated Publishing Platform (SIPP ) and it gives a wide selection of books, audios, and products available on iSAbER Internet TV for purchase to clients, subscribers, and through the authors’ websites.

info-Integrity Online Store